Frisco Open Coffee Club

Here is my recap from the awesome gathering at Nerdvana Coffee in Frisco on December 1st, 2016:


-Chirag, Dallas, Jeff, Eric, Bob, Michael, Pete, Venny

Startup Events Coming Up
– LaunchDFW Dallas New Tech 12/6/16
– IoT Forum 2/6/17

Startup Community Needs
– Startup Weekend Organizers
– House of Genius volunteers
– Tech Titans

Anyone Hiring/Looking?
– Bob looking for iOS gig

Tech News
-computer vision, robotics, analytics, iOS, databases, revenue growth, product dev, tech consultancy, accelerator, enterprise tech sales, cyber security, IoT, sensors, digital health, AI, Machine Learning, computational linguistics, materials science, self driving cars.

– LaunchDFW
– NoD Coworking
– Bridge Alliance NTX
– WavCatcher
– MacSure
– MindVR
– RoboKind
– Booster Fuels
– North Dallas Angels

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