Lower Greenville Open Coffee Club May 2016

May 25, 2016

Here are my recap notes from tonight’s #LowerGOCC meetup at Mudsmith:


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LowerGOCC Sign
LowerGOCC Sign

First we went over what exactly Open Coffee Clubs are and what they are designed to achieve. The concept of an open coffee club was started in 2007 by Saul Klein (Skype Co-Founder) in London. “The goal was to encourage entrepreneurs, developers and investors to become acquainted with each other in informal gatherings so that the investment industry become more transparent and thus to encourage entrepreneurship. [Wikipedia]

As the organizer/facilitator, I had people sign in and answer “What are you in to?” before we jumped in to discussions – collectively, here’s what the four of us are in to: travel, tech, outdoors, stuff, startup news, healthcare, video games, comedy, UX, UI, cars, bikes, beer, and drums. (And probably lots of other cool things,)

We got to know about each other’s background and different types of startups/products we’ve worked on, and then dove into the following topics: Fitness Tech, Coding, Traction, Gifting, Liquor Tech, Events, Books, and Coffee Shops. Tweet me at @ChicagoGupta if you would like to join us at the next Lower Greenville Open Coffee Club!

Here are the links and highlights I noted down from our discussions:

Fitness Tech

Startup Weekend Fitness Edition!

Peloton Bikes – Stationary Bike for home use that allows you to take “interactive” cycling classes with live instructors and remote participants.

Peloton Bike
Peloton Bike (Source: Peloton Website. Retrieved May 25, 2016. https://www.pelotoncycle.com/bike)

Google/Android Fit – Android’s built-in fitness tracker app and dev tools

Fit Bit – Wearable tech + app that allows you to engage in friendly fitness contests with your friends

Nike Plus Patent – Nike has a patent on a “smart” shoe that tracks your running activity

Active Networks (based in Dallas) sells software solutions for marathons, races, etc.


We discussed new product development workflows and better ways that designers and developers can communicate. We all have had experiences where critical information gets lost in translation when going from wireframes and sketches into functional prototypes or apps.

We then talked about the difference between product managers and full stack developers, I asked everyone if they thought all startup founders needed to know how to code. The consensus was that all founders should, at the very least, have SOME basic knowledge of HTML/CSS and SQL. This can help them streamline the back and forth with their dev team and also help them hold their developers accountable. We also shared stories of how we have created “duct tape” solutions

Code Upstart –  http://www.codeupstart.com/

Udemy – https://www.udemy.com/coding-for-entrepreneurs-basic/

OneMonth – https://onemonth.com/


“Traction” by Gabriel Weinberg

Growth Hacking Live + a new book by Vincent Dignan

Product Hunt, Hacker News, Medium, and Reddit can be good websites to get your product listed on to increase traction and awareness during a new product launch campaign.

LaunchKit.io can help you make clean previews of your mobile apps.

RevBoss is a new startup with a new twist on sales automation software.


Local startups working on improving the gift-giving process:

GiftSing: https://www.giftsing.com/

Giftry: https://giftry.com/login

Liquor Tech…

Discussed apps that have been attempting to track inventory of liquor at bars in real time to help bars optimize their supply chain and marketing strategies.

Barometer Inventory is coming soon in Mumbai, India.

Community Events 

Tech Wildcatters Pitch Day

North Dallas Startup Weekend

Startup Marketing Hacks

Techweek Dallas

Dallas New Tech

Dallas Startup Week

Independent Coffee Shops in Dallas

We brainstormed some good places to work in Dallas if you are a freelancer or startup/tech person where you’ll get good wifi and a high chance of running into other startup/tech community people:

Mudsmith (Lower Greenville)

Weekend Coffee / Joule (Downtown)

Houndstooth (Knox Henderson)

Mokah (Deep Ellum)

Method Coffee (Uptown / Deep Ellum)

Tower Club (Downtown)

Bolsa Mercado (Oak Cliff)

Corner Market (Lower Greenville)

Cultivar (Lakewood)

White Rock Coffee (Lakewood)

Coffee House Cafe (North Dallas)

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